INTERN in Spain - Madrid Travel Journals And Articles

  • 1st Month in Madrid

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    by: AnayansiEscobar

    created on: Mar 05, 2012 | Madrid, Spain

  • Third Week Reflections


    by: MelissaDarnley

    created on: Jun 01, 2012 | Madrid, Spain

    Wow, this is awesome :) My very first journal entry for Adelante! This is great! As of right now, I am going into my third week of my three month internship here in the beautiful Madrid, Spain. Dropped right in the middle of the heart of Spain, I think my Spanish speaking skills have slowly been improving. Learning new vocabulary each day, correcting my grammar when speaking to the locals …

  • First month abroad!

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    by: IanFetterolf

    created on: May 10, 2011 | Madrid, Spain

    So far so good! I have been living and working in Madrid for a little over a month now and despite a few initial setbacks I have absolutely loved being here. It was a great decision to move abroad for a few months after graduating college to improve my spanish as well as earn some work experience to build upon. Madrid is a great city with exciting people, great food …

  • March 23


    by: CorrinBarnes

    created on: Mar 23, 2011 | Madrid, Spain

    I've now been in Spain a month and a half and things continue to go well.  We've had a few issues with our appartment, including broken washing machines and problems with the heater, but overall things have been fine.  Now that I've been in Madrid awhile I've started doing a bit of travelling to other cities.  I've done day trips to Segovia and Toledo, a trip to Cadiz, and a …

  • One week in


    by: CorrinBarnes

    created on: Feb 12, 2011 | Madrid, Spain

    I've now been in Madrid for one week, and my trip is starting off well.  I began by learning what's in my neighborhood, finding the nearest Metro stop, and buying stuff I need for my apartment.  The apartment is nice.  There's some cracked paint and stuff, but my two roomates are great and since both of them have been in Spain a while, they are full of helpful tidbits.  Class …

  • 6 Days In


    by: EdwardSalas

    created on: Feb 11, 2011 | Madrid, Spain

    So far Madrid is a beautiful city to be in. I was nervous when I first landed that I had made a mistake, but the longer I'm here the better it gets. So far the people at Eureka have been great, the teachers are especially friendly and helpful and. Antonio has made it clear that he is here to answer any questions and wants us to think of him as …

  • Counting down to Madrid!

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    by: Britten

    created on: Feb 04, 2011 | Valladolid, Spain

    Tomorrow is the day that I finally get to move into my apartment! I am excited to meet my roommates, and to be starting the actual program. I have been in Spain for two weeks, and that has been wonderful, but now I am ready for the next step. I have been staying in Valladolid (a city a little over an hour north of Madrid by train), and it has …

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    by: CorrinBarnes

    created on: Jan 13, 2011 | Texas, United States

    Right now I'm still in Houston, and I'm really looking forward to my Madrid trip.  I'm a little nervous, but mostly just excited.  I've done a bit of shopping to get ready and will be packing suitcases in the near future.  I've never been to Europe before so this should be a great way for me to see other countries and practice my spanish.

  • Finally Adjusting to Life in Spain


    by: JoannaQuach

    created on: Oct 25, 2010 | Madrid, Spain

    I have been in Spain for about 1 month now and have finally adjusted to the lifestyle here. The first week or so after I arrived I was pretty homesick, but as I started to meet more people, I became less homesick and more adventurous! Spain is absolutely AMAZING. Rich culture, beautiful architecture, and great people. What more can you ask for? The Spanish classes at Eureka were fun. It …

  • 3 more days :(


    by: EricaOverbeek

    created on: Jul 29, 2010 | Madrid, Spain

    So I think today it officially hit me that I really am leaving here in just a few days...not that I'm not excited to go to Malaga and London afterwards, but I've really enjoyed my time over here.  Yesterday after work, I hung out with Katie for a bit, and then got ready to meet up with my co-workers to go to Club Commo (forocio event) was really fun to …