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Scotland Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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Sorry I haven’t written in a few days! It’s been a whirlwind, and I’m in denial that this week went by as quickly as it did. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happened.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday was very cool because we were able to watch a video in Equine Fitness that was a post mortum, complete body dissection of a horse. It was “Inside Nature’s Giants” I believe. You can find it on Youtube, and I suggest everyone watched it if they’re at all interested in the horse. It was FASCINATING. They inflated the horses lungs and you could see how massive they are and how long it takes to fill them, which made it even more amazing to learn that with every breath they take at a gallop, they completely fill their lungs. A couple of the girls and I tried to breath as fast as the horse does while galloping and fill our own lungs and it was impossible to keep up with. They also took out the horse’s heart and I could not believe how big it was. And to imagine that Secretariat’s heart was twice the size! We then went to the yard and watched Hannah ride Rosie, a little Gypsy Cob mare. We were measuring an unfit horse to see her heart rate, respiratory rate and condition through a fairly strenuous workout for the little mare! They did a ten minute warm up and then did interval training of three-two minute canters with a three minute walk break in between each. After watching that video, I had such a higher appreciation of what the horse’s body does. (Also, fun fact- horses can naturally dope their own blood. Look it up, it’s really cool.) We rode again at 1 o’clock and I rode Nemo, like usual! I really love that horse. He’s so perfect. However, I didn’t feel great about Tuesday’s ride. I was EXHAUSTED and felt kind of sick, so I could tell I was riding terribly. I was just flopping around, making Nemo’s life miserable. Also, I became very evident to me that I have completely forgotten how to use my hands while I ride. In the past, I’ve been told that I have quiet hands. I’m realizing that’s because I don’t really close my hands on my reins at all. Nemo tends to trip a lot and I think it’s because I don’t support him enough. And every time he trips, I have such a lax hold on the reins that I drop one of them. I also tend to cross my hands over the horse’s neck instead of being straight with my hands on either side of the neck. So that’s something I certainly have to work on. Tuesday night was very fun, because we saw a bunch of cars at the riding center, so we wanted to check out what was happening. It turned out that it was a dog agility training class. There were people of all ages learning with all different types of dogs, from chihuahuas to greater swiss mountain dogs, to whippets, poodles, and tibetan terriers. And of course, tons of Border Collies. They all seemed to have so much fun and we really enjoyed watching them. The night ended at Ali and Jack’s kitchen downstairs. They’re really cool guys, and a bunch of us played cards together and had a grand old time listening to music and laughing. So that was pretty nice.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Wednesday, nothing exciting happened, but we went to ASDA FINALLY!! Woooo I got water and folders and hamburger meat for Ali to make for us.  (which got thrown out by the cleaning staff vefore we could use it)

Thursday, June 4, 2014 On Thursday we rode in the morning, which was really nice! Nemo, again was awesome and I actually felt really good about this ride. A guy named Robert was our instructor for the day and he says he’s a nit-picky teacher. I think his biggest critic for me was the fact that I tend to lean forward like I was going to “take off on a cross country gallop” but we were just trotting. Once I tried harder to sit back, Nemo really responded better to all of my aids. I couldn’t believe I’d been messing that up! It just felt so much better. I had been working on my hands the whole ride so that was going well I guess. Being out of riding commission for so long really messed up my entire riding skill. Windsor better watch out when I get home because I don’t want to stop riding again!!!

In Anatomy, we actually went for a visit to the Royal (Dick) Vet School in Edinburgh. We got to see the stables they keep patients in. They had two Grass Sickness cases and a colic case. All of the horses looked like they were getting better though! We also got to see their ICU quarters which had bouncy floors so that there was more of a give if a horse were to fall and hurt itself. That night, our Anatomy instructor, Louise (best lady ever) took us in a minibus to the Livingston Shopping Mall, which was about 15 mins. away. It was HUGE and had a ton of designer shops. I didn’t get anything from there but I decided that Fossil was my new go to place for a wallet. I already got a wallet here though that I really like so I’m not complaining.

That’s really all for now. Friday hasn’t been exciting yet! But Riding is this afternoon! Talk to you soon! -Jackie

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    June 18, 2014
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