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Darling My Heart's on Fire

May 31st


Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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Oh Darlin’ My Heart’s on Fire

Saturday, May 31, 2014 First, Happy Anniversary to my parents. 28 years I think! Miss and Love you guys.

Second, I’ll tell you about my Saturday! We left from the college at 10:15am and took a train to Uphall which brought us into Edinburgh. We didn’t end up getting there until about noon. We immediately got on a bus tour which showed us what there was to do! We were able to see some AMAZING views of the Edinburgh Castle, downtown and Greyfriar Bobby’s graveyard. Once we got off of the bus at St. Andrew’s Square we split into two groups. I ended up with Hilah, Erin, Danielle, Kelli, Caitlin and Kyla. Our first order of business was to get money out of the ATMs because I was the only one with cash.

Onto the business of being tourists. We went from the ATM to find the castle. We walked down a side road across from the Princes Mall and then took a right up a HUGE hill! I really thought I may die. However, we got to the top and it seemed everyone was a little tired, so we stopped at Cafe Musa. It was a little hole in the wall but a very hipstery place. I ordered basically a caprese panini- Mozzarella, Tomato and basil (this has become my sammich of choice because this one was so delicious). I suggest the Cafe to anyone walking up to the castle.

There was a set of stairs on the side of the cafe that brought us to the road that the Castle and the Whiskey Experience is on. We walked up to the castle and found out that the tour was 2 hours long. Unfortunately we didn’t have two hours because we were supposed to meet our “chaperone” at 4 and it was already 2:15 ish. So, we decided to shop! I got some gifts and a flask for myself and I decided that at some point I need to get a lambswool rug and a socks! I just never stumbled across one that I really really liked. I’m hoping that the Royal Highland show that we go to in 3 weeks will give us a good variety. We also stopped at the Elephant House!! That’s where J.K. Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter books. I got an amazing hot chocolate and a shortbread elephant cookie

We checked in at 4 and went straight back to the castle, minus Kyla because she left with the chaperone at 4. The castle was AMAZING in every way. My favorite part was when we went into the World War I and II memorial. I think that Hilah and I got the most out of the books that were laid around because they had the names off all of the soldiers they knew of and we both had pages and pages of people with our last names.

I also really enjoyed the dungeons. They were decorated as if prisoners actually lived there still. The views of Edinburgh from the castle were also astounding. It made me feel so small compared to everything else. Just amazing.

After the castle we went to the Whisky Experience with the intent to take a tour and then eat dinner at the Restaurant there, but both were booked, so we just stuck with making gift baskets for ourselves filled with wee bottles of whisky.

After that, we searched for a place to eat and set on Maxie’s. Dinner was fantastic. The 6 of us talked and laughed so much, especially when we all ordered a glass of wine and we each were quite tipsy after the one drink. We assumed the high altitude made that happen. We were all giggles for the rest of the evening. I ordered Scottish Salmon with potatoes and broccoli. It was delicious, with some sort of sauce over it. Danielle and I split a piece of chocolate fudge cake and the rest of the table did the same. From there, we made our way to Greyfriar Bobby’s Graveyard. It was so bone chilling to see headstones of entire families, and children. There were also a lot of medicinal plants on the grounds.

That was the last stop for the day and we just went back to the train station and took a taxi from Uphall to the college! What a beautiful day!

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