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Day 3 Riding!

Horses and life!

Day 3 Riding

Scotland Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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Say Hello to Rosie! Apparently she’s Oatridge’s “Mascot”. Not officially, but everyone is in love with her, for good reason. She’s the cutest Gypsy Cob I’ve ever seen. She’s little, but spunky and she loves to wave hello for treats.

To catch you up on Monday night a “wee” bit. The “Americans” all went to the pub down the road called “Volunteer Arms” with a bunch of Scottish boys. A lovely young man named Gregor drove us in his little red car, even though it was walking distance. Once we got there, I ordered “whatever she just got” and it was a local soda called “Irn Bru” and spiced Captain Morgan. It was my only drink of the night but it was fantastic, and half way through I looked at the can and realized that my last name was written across it! Finally I’ve found my home!! Scottish Pub’s are so different than American bars. What I loved the most was the fact that the boys were more concerned about having fun than trying to get into the girls pants. The entire pub sang happy birthday to Moriah, one of the American girls. They sang Scottish pride songs and did chants and were just so happy to be there making friends. It was a such a relaxing environment.

Yesterday was the first day that we rode, and I was matched with this handsome devil named Razzle. He is SO stocky and he is a big couch. I enjoyed riding him. Just to be on a horse, really was fantastic in so many ways. I rode with 8 other girls, and we got to watch the other 8 ride before us. Some of the horses here are GORGEOUS. I just want to take them home with me. Alas, I think my suitcase may prove to be too small.

That’s going to be all for right now. Hopefully I’ll have the time to discuss more later today. If not, Tomorrow maybe!

Ta Ta for now

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  • Day 3 Riding

    June 18, 2014
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