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What is your most embarrassing travel experience?

I turned my toilet seat blue with my butt that my new jeans dyed blue.

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Day 1- Flight and getting settled

First day and how the travel went

Day 1- Flight and getting settled

Scotland Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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 If you ever fly through Heathrow I suggest you give yourself 2 hours to get through to your connecting flight. 

I was worried that my travel day would be pretty boring, and I guess it was, but it was still interesting to me at least, so I’ll share with you some of my thoughts throughout the day.

1. I hate the Kennedy airport. It’s HUGE, busy, smells like a big cigarette and has shitty, expensive food (apologies for the language)

2. I REALLY Dislike London’s Heathrow Airport. If you ever fly through Heathrow I suggest you give yourself 2 hours to get through to your connecting flight. I had to walk 5 minutes to take a train from terminal 3 to terminal 1 which took 10 minutes. Nothing was close to one another either, so it was a nice walk from the train to customs which took at least 30 minutes of standing in line. Another 5 minute walk, another security checkpoint, another 5 minute walk, another checkpoint. Madness I say. I got to my plane before it left THANK GOODNESS but by the time I got to my gate I had already accepted the fact that I had missed it.

The Highlights of travel are as follows;

1. The plane from JFK to Heathrow was GORGEOUS. I was also quite happy because my phone was low on battery so I didn’t want to use it to listen to music and I was STILL able to listen to Ed Sheeran, the Lumineers, and One Direction on the flight through a TV in the back of each chair. I also was able to watch “Her” (my own feelings about that movie are disturbing to even myself). THEN I played tetris for about an hour, after sleeping for 3. The plane also landed like a little butterfly instead of in Lexington where they slam on the brakes and make me think we are about to break the sound barrier.

2. In line for customs, I met a wonderful man from Ottawa who was on his way to Ireland to backpack through the countryside for 10 days. He was just lovely to talk to.

Highlight #3 was the reason I stayed alive for my last flight instead of passing out for good. When I rounded the turn to see the welcoming open door of the airplane I also saw the most beautiful blue eyes starring at me. Of course, the face attached to those eyes had “I’m so done with these stupid Americans" written all over it, but it didn’t stop me from drooling for a moment before finding my seat. The two male flight attendants on board were so beautiful. However, as the flight continued I couldn’t help but think of that song in “Legally Blonde: The Musical” called “Is he Gay or European?” I never really believed there was a correlation, but now I certainly do.

It was easy getting back to the Oatridge Campus once I had a mental breakdown about my luggage. (Three girls’ bags didn’t make it with them across the pond) But I had all three bags in hand and was on the bus in no time! Everything was a little disorienting, driving on opposite sides of the road and car, strange vehicles, and intense accents, but we made quite the go of it. One of our program coordinators, Jackie (lol) brought us to a mini-supermarket and we were able to pick up snacks for lunch. This little excursion was pretty hilarious because there were 6 of us I believe, all Americans, set free in a foreign grocery store. Since Jackie didn’t come with us we were just the typical Americans, lost and in awe of all the foreign brands and foods.

When we reached campus, we moved our things in and immediately went to check out the Stables. We ran into some Scottish girls who are taking classes there as well and they gave us a tour. We asked them a lot of questions, as they did us, and we got to meet a lot of the horses. The campus is beautiful and I cannot wait to explore more of it.

Dinner is served at 5pm! Talk to you all soon!

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  • Day 1- Flight and getting settled

    June 18, 2014
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