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  • Third Week Reflections

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Fri Jun 01, 2012

    Wow, this is awesome :) My very first journal entry for Adelante! This is great! As of right now, I am going into my third week of my three month internship here in the beautiful Madrid, Spain. Dropped right in the middle of the heart of Spain, I think my Spanish speaking skills have slowly been improving. Learning new vocabulary each day, correcting my grammar when speaking to the locals …

    My First Web Journal Ever :)

  • Day 1

    Travel Journal from Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland | Mon May 28, 2012

    We arrived in Scotland yesterday morning and everyone is so nice! Why can't people in the states be so friendly? The first day here was so much fun! We got to know one another and some of us took an adventure out and about campus. We visited with all of the animals and made great friends with some of the horses already, as well as some cows and pigs.  We also …

    Summer Abroad in Scotland

  • Hello from Chile!

    Travel Journal from Chile Santiago, Chile | Wed May 23, 2012

    So after flying from LA to Toronto, I finally arrived in Santiago. I'm about half way through my ten-hour layover in Santiago before I fly to Arica, in northern Chile, for 10 days. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the country and getting some good surf in before I start my program in Vina del Mar.  Thankfully all of my luggage arrived with me, but the trail mix …

    Chilean Experience

  • ONE WEEK?!

    Travel Journal from United States Maryland, United States | Sat May 19, 2012

    Just seven days from now, I’ll be leaving for Scotland! I really can’t wrap my head around it... I can't even pinpoint how I’m feeling about things right now because I just have not had the time to stop and think about it. While everyone else has been out of school for weeks, in true Towson fashion my finals JUST STARTED this past Friday and I won’t be home until Tuesday …

    Scotland Bound!

  • Arrival

    Travel Journal from Chile Vina del Mar, Chile | Sat May 19, 2012

    I arrived in Santiago, Chile early on a Friday morning. The flight down from Detroit, Michigan was not too bad; a 3 hour flight to Dallas, Texas and then a 9 hour flight to Santiago. I was shocked at how warm the weather was and I hadn't even dressed for the winter season. It took me awhile to find the taxi driver to take me into Vina del Mar; I think …

    Vina del Mar, Chile

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