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  • Día de San Juan and more :)

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Mon Jun 25, 2012

    I love this town! :) Madrid as well as the people of Spain are full of life and filled with culture. Everywhere you look you see a little bit of Spain's ancient history and ever changing future at the exact same time. And the people, no matter what age or how healthy/sick they might be, still partake in the traditions their fathers, their father's fathers, and their father's father's fathers …

    Spain, Football, and So Much More! :)

  • I love rain

    Travel Journal from Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland | Mon Jun 18, 2012

    It is so crazy to think that we are less than a week away from being done with our program! The time has really flown by. Today was the due date of both our equine fitness paper and our written exams. Now all we have left is our practical exam where we point out different muscles and bones on the horse. We also get to ride twice tomorrow! Yay! Last …

    Scotland Equine style

  • Overall Experience in Scotland.

    Travel Journal from Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland | Tue Jun 19, 2012

    Ecology Summer School has been an amazing experience! We have been to a wide variety of cultural sites, nature reserves, and country parks. Some of the places included Loch Leven Nature Reserve, Petershill, Cairnpapple, Falkirk Wheel, Loch Lomond, Blackness Castle with the surrounding nature path and mudflats, and Linlithgow Palace. The instructors at Oatridge College are very good at explaining concepts and very willing to answer all of our questions. …

    Experience in Scotland

  • The internship phase!

    Travel Journal from Spain Seville, Spain | Sat Jun 16, 2012

    Hello, So where did I leave off... Oh yes, I was talking about Spanish lessons. Through my Spanish lessons I met so many people. After the 2 weeks was over me and my friends from school continued to hang over for another week or 2 until one week they all left seemlingly at the same time. It was sad to see them all go so suddendly. The good thing about Sevilla is …

    Phase 2 - Internship

  • First two weeks in Scotland

    Travel Journal from Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland | Mon Jun 11, 2012

    After 2 weeks here, I am having a blast. They have gone by so quickly and its becoming more and more complicated to fit in all our weekend trips we want to do.  During the week though, Heidi and I have been traveling to Easter Bush every morning to watch the various surgeries/practices going on that day with both large and small animals, and doing the research …

    First two weeks in Scotland

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