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  • When old is new

    Travel Journal from United States United States | Thu Jan 07, 2010

    It is very interesting to live between two worlds.  I was born and raised in PA, New Hope, PA, to  be exact.  All of it is so familiar, yet all so foreign at this point.  The process of adjusting to a new culture never ceases to amaze me.  I walk the tight rope between being a born and bred US American, and being a Sevillana at heart.  I find myself wanting …

    Home is like a foreign country.

  • First Day at the Language School

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Mon May 04, 2009

    Buenos Dias! Today was my first day of language classes. I woke with only two hours of sleep but I survived the day without a nap! You are probably wondering why I only got two hours of sleep...I partly blame it on my body's internal clock adjusting to the new time here and I also blame it on the little Spanish man who was playing the pink panther theme song …


  • My first trip to Europe!

    Travel Journal from United States California, United States | Sat May 09, 2009

    After graduating from college I took my first trip to Europe.  Although the trip wasn't without its hiccups, I really enjoyed myself and the travel bug was firmly established.  Doing my homework before I left really paid off as we traveled around.  I studied up on the countries and cities I wanted to see, talked to friends who had recently been, and saved my money so that I could enjoyed …

    My Travels to Europe, Australia and beyond

  • How my travels began...

    Travel Journal from Australia Sydney, Australia | Mon May 04, 2009

    My first big trip abroad was back in 1997 when myself and my friend Julie set off on a 30 hour flight from London to Australia. We spent our first few weeks in Sydney, staying with friends and working to save enough so we could explore the vast country a little more. Getting a job was easy - as a UK citizen I had a 'Working Holiday Visa' so it …

    A Trip Down Under

  • Where am I and why is it so cold?

    Travel Journal from Germany Hamburg, Germany | Sun Sep 01, 2002

    Graduation seemed ages away - I had worked all summer to then embark on my graduation present, a  backpacking trip thru Europe.  I traveled alone, but had arranged for firends and friends of friends waiting for me in several cities. Arriving from California, in September, well it is still summer, right?  Not so.  My "jacket" (a sweatshirt!) and "boots" (ugs) definiltey did not cut it against the immediate chill.  Taxi'd it …

    First Trip Abroad

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