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  • Paris- with Alissa M

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Wed Feb 01, 2012

    Don’t try to tell us otherwise because we won’t believe you, Paris is one of the most amazing cities out there. What do they do right? Well just about everything in our books (with perhaps one exception of Napoleon, but we’ll let Versailles speak for itself).  With a condensed amount of both time and money, we made sure to cram everything in that this fascinating city renders.   Ok, so let’s begin with …


  • Early Days/Picasso

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Wed Feb 01, 2012

    Pablo.Picasso. This week we wandered the streets of the Gothic quarter and made our way to the Museo Picasso de Barcelona. After seeing Picasso’s childhood home and walking the exact streets that inspired so many of his creations, we were given a deeper insight into the masterminds’ artistic vision. Inside, the museum provided a timeline of Picasso’s work, dating back to his rudimentary sketchbook and pencil drawings. Even though Picasso’s …

    Early Days/Picasso

  • Uruguay vs. Chile

    Travel Journal from Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay | Sat Nov 12, 2011

    Tonight we all went to the Uruguay vs. Chile World Cup qualifier match and it was magical.


  • To Infinity and Beyond

    Travel Journal from Chile Calama, Chile | Fri Nov 11, 2011

    "¡Definitivamente tienes que ir a San Pedro—valdrá la pena!" After stepping on el TurBus at 11:30 p.m. equipped with a day’s worth of PB&J, apples, crackers, carrots, chocolate, and a fully charged iPod in preparation for our 23-hour road trip up north and probably the longest ride of my life, I was certainly hoping the Chileans were right when they insisted that I couldn’t leave the country without visiting San …

    Life in Chile

  • Siesta, A Necessary Luxury

    Travel Journal from Spain Seville, Spain | Thu Oct 13, 2011

    Ahhh, the siesta. That romantic, pastoral image associated with long ago and the ultimate example of a laid back culture. Surely in today’s modern, fast-paced society, full of Blackberry calendars, such a glorious time designated for relaxation couldn’t exist. Oh wait, it does. One of my first questions when I came to Spain was, “So, the siesta…is that actually real?” It may have sounded dumb, but for someone …

    Internship in Seville

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