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Adelante welcomes our 2012 candidates to the full-time Observation and Research Assignments Program in and around Edinburgh. Whether your program is in psychology, nutrition, horticulture, agricultural ...

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OBSERVATION AND RESEARCH ASSIGNMENTS IN SCOTLAND 2012 Featured Journals View All 12 Journal Entries

  • Oh! How Scotland Glows

    Travel Journal from Scotland Pitlochry, Scotland | Fri Jul 27, 2012

    ...in the sun. That's right folks! There has been a significant amount of sunshine here (finally) and I have proof! I know, right!? Still, it's important to remember it wouldn't look so good when it is sunny if it didn't rain so much. My lovely boss has been telling me about a trip she recommends to every student since I got here. Even those who hadn't done such a trip, but …

    Scotland Observation/Research

  • First two weeks in Scotland

    Travel Journal from Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland | Mon Jun 11, 2012

    After 2 weeks here, I am having a blast. They have gone by so quickly and its becoming more and more complicated to fit in all our weekend trips we want to do.  During the week though, Heidi and I have been traveling to Easter Bush every morning to watch the various surgeries/practices going on that day with both large and small animals, and doing the research …

    First two weeks in Scotland

  • Finally made it!

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Tue May 29, 2012

    So I finally made it! It was a long flight and I didn't get any sleep but I finally made it! The flight itself was fine, no turbulence, very smooth sailing. Then once we landed I met up with Ray Barclay, our Adelante advisor for the next week. He was there to pick up Ann, Jess, Heidi and I to go to our apartments. Ann and I arrived around 8AM Scotland …

    Scotland Observation