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Adelante - CHILE Internship Program is offered at a lower price than the majority of the other Adelante programs, to help compensate for the potentially higher airfare. Internship programs start the first ...

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  • Week two!

    Travel Journal from Chile Vina del Mar, Chile | Tue Aug 16, 2011

    Survived my second week! And it sure was memorable... Tuesday was an amazing day. The same group of us who went to the vineyard last week took a drive up north a little to a little fishing village called Horcón.  What people in Viña have to say about Horcón is: Siiii, Horcon, muchos hippies!!  We stepped out of the car and my first impression was that we stuck out …

    Sarah goes to Chile!

  • Haciendo las maletas

    Travel Journal from United States Kansas, United States | Mon Jun 28, 2010

    I have finally begun to pack for the trip and needless to say I already have overflowing suitcases. I am quite excited for this summer. After having only been home for a couple of weeks since my last trip, I am already antsy to begin another adventure. I've been reviewing my Spanish, and I can't wait to start classes next week and meet my host family! I just found gifts …

    Que copado, Chile

  • First Journal!

    Travel Journal from United States South Carolina, United States | Mon May 10, 2010

    So this is my first journal entry! I am very excited to go to Chile in just a few weeks, but at this point I am minimally prepared. I am reading a couple of travel books about Chile to get an initial feel for the culture and everything before I get there. I still have to figure out what I need to pack! I have a lot of travel experience …

    Chile Internship

  • La Serena

    Travel Journal from Chile Vina del Mar, Chile | Tue May 04, 2010

    This weekend I went to La Serena. This town, 5 hours north of Viña, is the second oldest in Chile and boasts the clearest skies in the world.My travel buddy, Kara, and I went on the overnight bus Friday night and arrived early Saturday morning. We ate our TurBus breakfast in the bus station and walked two blocks to our Hostel Casa Maria at 6AM. After a nappy poo, we …

    Chillin in Chile

  • Would We Still Be Friends If We Didnt All Love Food So Much?

    Travel Journal from Chile Vina del Mar, Chile | Thu Apr 08, 2010

    The seasons continue to change here in Vina del Mar and day after day the weather gets cooler, cloudier, and the darkness creeps in a little earlier in the evenings. Just in time for Good Friday, we were all pleasantly surprised to be greeted with amazing Easter weekend weather! Thursday was brilliant and all the people of Vina flocked to the streets and beaches just like summer (but 1/5 of …

    Vida Y Vino...Living and Working in Chile.