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Aimed at independent individuals, INTERN in Madrid is economical and educational, with a focus on cultural immersion and real-life experience in an international setting. This program is for independent-minded ...

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  • Counting down to Madrid!

    Travel Journal from Spain Valladolid, Spain | Fri Feb 04, 2011

    Tomorrow is the day that I finally get to move into my apartment! I am excited to meet my roommates, and to be starting the actual program. I have been in Spain for two weeks, and that has been wonderful, but now I am ready for the next step. I have been staying in Valladolid (a city a little over an hour north of Madrid by train), and it has …

    Internship in Madrid

  • Finally Adjusting to Life in Spain

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Mon Oct 25, 2010

    I have been in Spain for about 1 month now and have finally adjusted to the lifestyle here. The first week or so after I arrived I was pretty homesick, but as I started to meet more people, I became less homesick and more adventurous! Spain is absolutely AMAZING. Rich culture, beautiful architecture, and great people. What more can you ask for? The Spanish classes at Eureka were fun. It …

    Life in España

  • 3 more days :(

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Thu Jul 29, 2010

    So I think today it officially hit me that I really am leaving here in just a few days...not that I'm not excited to go to Malaga and London afterwards, but I've really enjoyed my time over here.  Yesterday after work, I hung out with Katie for a bit, and then got ready to meet up with my co-workers to go to Club Commo (forocio event)...it was really fun to …

    Stories from my Madrid Adventures!

  • Madrid

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Tue Jul 06, 2010

    So its day 4 in Madrid. So far so good. When I arrived on saturday, there was a huge gay rights parade happening downtown so I went with my roommates to check it out. There was so many people it was crazy. Later we watched the Spain game. At night we went out to this huge party thing where Kylie Minough was at. there had to be over 300,000 people …


  • My week of craziness and now Im here!

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Sat Jul 03, 2010

    This past week was interesting. I was done packing by tuesday and only need a converter to buy. So every day this past week was all about doing last minute things with everyone that wanted to see me before I left. Friday I went to San Diego to drop off papers and see everyone again since I had left from San Diego after graduation. It was a great day especially turning in papers …

    Internship in Madrid