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Adelante provides low cost INTERNSHIP programs in Seville, Spain, with a focus on cultural immersion and real-life experience in an international setting. This program is for independent-minded people ...

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  • The internship phase!

    Travel Journal from Spain Seville, Spain | Sat Jun 16, 2012

    Hello, So where did I leave off... Oh yes, I was talking about Spanish lessons. Through my Spanish lessons I met so many people. After the 2 weeks was over me and my friends from school continued to hang over for another week or 2 until one week they all left seemlingly at the same time. It was sad to see them all go so suddendly. The good thing about Sevilla is …

    Phase 2 - Internship

  • Siesta, A Necessary Luxury

    Travel Journal from Spain Seville, Spain | Thu Oct 13, 2011

    Ahhh, the siesta. That romantic, pastoral image associated with long ago and the ultimate example of a laid back culture. Surely in today’s modern, fast-paced society, full of Blackberry calendars, such a glorious time designated for relaxation couldn’t exist. Oh wait, it does. One of my first questions when I came to Spain was, “So, the siesta…is that actually real?” It may have sounded dumb, but for someone …

    Internship in Seville

  • Where the new meets the old: Seville’s Plaza de la Encarnación

    Travel Journal from Spain Seville, Spain | Thu Oct 13, 2011

    It’s hard to imagine what Plaza de la Encarnación would’ve looked like years ago when there weren’t six giant mushroom shaped parasols rising above the busy plaza, before it became home to the largest wooden structure in the world. Plaza de la Encarnación was the setting of a food market (the same one there today in fact) but in 1973 when their facilities needed improvement …

    Internship in Seville

  • Flight

    Travel Journal from Spain Seville, Spain | Fri Sep 03, 2010

    Started out the day at a nice 6:30 am PDT to put the final touches on my pre-departure preparations. Having gone to bed at 3:15 am, just hours before, didn't help. After breakfast with the parents, got on the road to the airport in good time. Since it was an international flight, my first checked bag was free, but the second cost $55 - lame. Having made awesome time to …

    Internship in Sevilla

  • When old is new

    Travel Journal from United States United States | Thu Jan 07, 2010

    It is very interesting to live between two worlds.  I was born and raised in PA, New Hope, PA, to  be exact.  All of it is so familiar, yet all so foreign at this point.  The process of adjusting to a new culture never ceases to amaze me.  I walk the tight rope between being a born and bred US American, and being a Sevillana at heart.  I find myself wanting …

    Home is like a foreign country.