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My trip to Scotland

week 4


Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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I can not believe this trip has went so fast! With it being the forth week we have been running around like rats to get everything turned in for our classes. Along with being busy we got to see another training yard with about 20 different flat race horses.

Thursday we will be having the chance to see the Highland Shows. I would compare this to a state fair back home. There will be plenty of livestock shows and many different fun activities I assume.

On Friday we will be having a small showing jumping and dressage competitions between all 16 of us girls. This will be very fun and give us all a bit to show off what we have done.

Its going to be sad to say goodbye to say the friends I have become very close with while being here. We are all from all over the states. Im so glad to have made these friends that I will hopefully keep in touch with.

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    June 18, 2014
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