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My trip to Scotland

Week 3


Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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This week we were able to go see a Grade A riders training barn. This was a great experience to see how she trains horses for many different events that I have never really even heard of. It was a really good time and I am so glad that we had Gillian as a teacher to take us there.

Along with riding lessons, the classes are starting to get long and drawn out. But im still learning a great deal. The riding lessons are moving at a much slower rate then what I was hopeing. Many are still doing flat work and a few are getting to jump. Since this is my first time riding in a english saddle,they are putting me in a much slower slower pace. I have only had the chance to canter 3 times while everyone else is slowly starting to jump.

This weekend we got the chance to see Linlithgow palace. This was also very cool only because we dont have this many historical things in the states to see. After Linlithgow we drove on to St Andrews. This is where 'golf was born'. It was a very cute little city that is right off the sea. I would have to say of all the towns we have seen that St. Andrews is my favorite.

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    June 18, 2014
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