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My trip to Scotland

Week 2

6/1/14- 6/8/14

Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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This week was just a lot of school work and riding lessons. Trying to get all of the homework done and be able to go out on the town is not something that is common. But the riding lessons have been  a great time. They have been teaching me a great deal of english basics and being sure that I get them down pat. Many of the girls have english riding backgrounds so they are advancing much quicker then I am.

Rain Rain Rain... be sure to have a rain coat this time of the year. It always rains in the morning, but gets nicer then as the day goes on.

This weekend we made a trip to Glosgow. This was about a 40 minute train ride which many locals think is a long distance, when for us American kids its a very short drive. This town is full of muesums that many must see. There are paintings in these musems that are older then the United States. Its amazing.

Sunday we went to Scone palace and Perth Races. I do believe this was the best thing of the whole trip. I have never had the chance to see a horse race let alone a steeple chase race! Many of us put small amount of money on a certain horse just to say we did. I did win £12.50!! Great great day.

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  • 6/1/14- 6/8/14

    June 18, 2014
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