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Weekend outings

Each weekend, the college provided us with entertainment. We would go to steeplechase races or into the bustling cities

Weekend Outings

Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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Every weekend, Oatridge College had organized a trip for me and my fellow students. We either went into the busy cities of Edinburgh or Glasgow or went to the steeplechase races in the country. Either way, the day was packed with fun events to immerse us into the Scottish culture and keep entertained so much that at the end of each day, we would be exhausted!

The first weekend we went into the beautiful city of Edinburgh. This city is full of history as Mary Queen of Scots rule the country from this city. The castle was the highlight as this beautiful momument was one of the things on my bucket list so it was nice to cross this off while I am young! I also liked the fact that even though the city was huge, everything was so close to each other so walking was not an issue. The next day we went up to the Scottish Highlands to Loch Ness. The drive itself was long and boring as we made too many stops that killed our time available to Loch Ness. But some of the scenery was gorgeous as we saw moutains, streams and hills that I have only seen on TV.

The second weekend we went to the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow. The day started out nice and sunny but evetually the rain came and it did not go away. Beside that, I did enjoy eating dinner at this cute little pub and seeing the People's Fountain. The museums were also fun especially the Riverside Museum since we went on this historic boat that was a lot larger than it looked! This was not my favorite day though because we spent too much time at the museums which killed our opportunity to see other things. The next day we went to Scones Palace and Perth Races which defiantely made up for Glasgow. I have never been to a horse race and it was something else to see these top level athletes in action. The palace itself was nice as the ground has peacokes walking everywhere but inside the palace was beautiful.

The third weekend we went into St. Andrews which is a college town where Prince William met Kate. The highlight of that day was me finally meeting a Cairn Terrier in its homeland as I have two Cairns back home that I love dearly! However, I wanted to go to the beach but my group was stubborn and did not pay attention. Sunday was a free day but I spent that day studying for exams but I did see a show jumping show here on campus.

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  • Weekend Outings

    June 18, 2014
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