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Riding Time

Description of the horses I had ridden here at Oatridge, what disciplines I have worked on and my favorite moments.

Oatridge Horses

Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  |  Jun 18, 2014
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 Big Billy 

So far at Oatridge College, I have ridden four horses: Razzle, Pastie, Big Billy and Zola. Just like people, these four horses have completely different personalities. They are like jigsaw puzzles waiting to put pieced together so a beautiful masterpiece is finally revealed. However, some works of art I have appreciated a bit more than others as my style of riding clashed with some of these horses. 

Razzle was the very first horse I rode here at Oatridge College. I describe him as a big, comfy couch with legs as he is plump and when you ride him at the walk and trot, he has a very smooth gait that feels very comfortable. However, his canter gait is rough and he does not like to work that hard when ridden. He also has a very strong herding instinct as he wanted to be close to the other horses so I had to put a lot of leg and rein onto him to keep him away from the others. I view Razzle as a beginner level horse because of his laziness but he still was a fantastic horse for one of the riders here who has only ridden Western. His beginner rider did a great job learning how to ride English while riding him. In fact, in two weeks, she learned to canter for the first time in an English saddle and she did fantastic!

Pastie was the second horse I rode here and she is a Dressage horse. Sitting in her dressage saddle was new to me because I have never used a dressage saddle before. Patsie did have the attitude of a mare as she liked her personal space so if a horse got too close to her, she would "shake hands". Beside that, I liked riding her because she was more forward and energic than Razzle. She required a lot of collection in order to contain all that energy but once she was under control, she did respond to me. 

Big Billy was the third horse I rode and he is defiantely my favorite horse here. At first, it was hard to ride him because he did not bend in the corners but once I rode him again and knew how to bend him, he was a pleasure to ride. He loves to work, most likely because he is a former show jumping horse, and he loves attention. He may not have the best canter in the world but he has a excellent trotting frame. When we start jumping, that is where he is at peace because he is familiar with what to do. Sometimes he can get a little carried away but when I control his gait, he has a excellent jump course.

Zola was the fourth horse I rode here and she is my least favorite. She has more of a sassier attitude than Patsie and rides way too far forward when we canter. I feel like if she was lunged for about 30 minutes before someone got on her, she would be a little better with her speed because she would have been tired out. She also liked to to get way too close to the other horses but not in a friendly or curious way. She would get close to them most likely to bite the other horses. 

Besides having clashed personalities between some of the horses, I have enjoyed riding here at Oatridge College. It has been an honor to learn from professional riders such as Robert and Liz but mostly I have enjoyed the atmosphere. I love Robert's sense of humor and Liz's happy face and I only hope to run into these two colorful characters again. 

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  • Oatridge Horses

    June 18, 2014
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