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  • From North Carolina, United States
  • Currently in Montevideo, Uruguay


A recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (May 2011), I've come to Montevideo in search of my path in life. This will be part work focused with my internship, part adventure focused with my exploration of Uruguay.

Coronilla & Cabo Polonia

Uruguay Uruguay  |  Oct 29, 2011
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 Sleep < Adventure 

Last weekend was epic, but it took me all week to recover.  Dancing on the beach in Coronilla, turtle dissections, cooking with new amigos, walking for miles (and miles and miles) and getting lost, hitch hiking, some extra bus rides, walking more miles, almost having a breakdown, finally getting to Cabo Polonia, more cooking, walking to the lighthouse at night, finding a baby sea lion, sand dune photo shoot (totes ANTM), finally making it home and, for the grand finale, inviting our new friends over to have breakfast for dinner until 2 in the morning. 

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