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What is the best ethnic food you ever had that you just can't find at home?

Bolivian food, yum

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Que copado, Chile

My experiences studying and interning in Chile. July-August 2010

Haciendo las maletas

United States Kansas, United States  |  Jun 28, 2010
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I have finally begun to pack for the trip and needless to say I already have overflowing suitcases. I am quite excited for this summer. After having only been home for a couple of weeks since my last trip, I am already antsy to begin another adventure. I've been reviewing my Spanish, and I can't wait to start classes next week and meet my host family! I just found gifts for them. I hope they like what I've picked out! This trip will really be the culmination of a year of study abroad through my college, so I'm ready to put my language skills to the test.

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  • Haciendo las maletas

    June 28, 2010
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