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What is your funniest travel experience?

my life has been blessed with countless experiences in wonderful places filled with adventure. I can't even begin to determine the one funniest.

Home is like a foreign country.

Travel in the US after living in Spain since '98

When old is new

United States United States  |  Jan 07, 2010
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 All of it is so familiar, yet all so foreign 

It is very interesting to live between two worlds.  I was born and raised in PA, New Hope, PA, to  be exact.  All of it is so familiar, yet all so foreign at this point.  The process of adjusting to a new culture never ceases to amaze me.  I walk the tight rope between being a born and bred US American, and being a Sevillana at heart.  I find myself wanting to greet with kisses, in a country that sometimes frowns upon too much contact.  I feel the AM slip away as I rush to jam a sandwich down around noon.  I long for a mid-afternoon nap, a late dinner, the hustle and bustle of a downtown Sevilla late-night.  Yet there, I miss a wonderful family.  While in Spain, I dream of the mix and match of a culturally diverse region between NY and Philadelphia.  How sometimes I would kill for some cheap sushi or authentic Thai food.  Yet I know and know it well, that my life is enchanted.  More than anything, I live between two cultures, on the shores of understanding the human experience at a profound level that one can't quite glimpse without going beyond what they know.  You won't even know what you know until you are challenged by what others are sure they know for sure.  It is a rocky, wonderous ride and beyond worth every effort made when interrogating the experience.

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  • When old is new

    January 07, 2010
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