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It is ok to take your time doing things, not rush so much

First Trip Abroad

I had just graduated and had never done the "backpack" thru Europe thing. My parents said if I could graduate in 4 years they would help fund a trip for me, so I did and they did!

Where am I and why is it so cold?

Germany Hamburg, Germany  |  Sep 01, 2002
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Graduation seemed ages away - I had worked all summer to then embark on my graduation present, a  backpacking trip thru Europe.  I traveled alone, but had arranged for firends and friends of friends waiting for me in several cities.

Arriving from California, in September, well it is still summer, right?  Not so.  My "jacket" (a sweatshirt!) and "boots" (ugs) definiltey did not cut it against the immediate chill.  Taxi'd it to my Hostal, the first and only one I booked prior to this trip, only to find it is even colder there AND my hallmate is a guy from Afghanistan who has never, it seems, seen a woman uncovered.

Constant staring and wild curiosity - now I know what it feels like to be Lindsay L! Thankfully I hooked up right away with another uncovered woman, from Hungary, and we explored Hamburg for about 2 weeks. My plan was then to head up to Sweden, to visit a co-worker from CA's brother.  Instead, we went to Budapest where my new friend was from.

On the bus there I was the only one talking. The first meal was in my honor, so I recevied the claws and beak of the chicken in my soup. (Like in Hamburg where the bone marrow is a delectabel treat to most, this too was hard for me to "swallow"....what to do?  I plowed thru the soup and tried to hide the hard bits that I just couldn't imagine putting in my mouth) The chicken I had just seen, by the way, the day before pecking around happily in the back yard.

Different customs and different food are definitely a part of this life experience - who am I to judge?

In Sweden, my friends brother lived with his dad in an apartment that was decidedly sparsely furnished - I figured, two guys, bachelor lifestyle. But then when I met others and visited their houses / apartments those two seemed IKEA-ish to me at the time: no carpets, smaller, "thinner" furniture, stools not chairs, unframed posters on the walls...all clean and modern just a bit "unfinished".

Berlin, Vienna - Austria, Norway and London - UK later, I headed down to Spain.  The goal was to then hit Italy, Greece and Turkey, but I never made it. Spain stopped me in my tracks:  I got a job and stayed for 5 years!

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  • Where am I and why is it so cold?

    September 01, 2002
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