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What is the most interesting thing you learned in another culture?

no underwear under kilts

  • 22 years old
  • From South Carolina, United States
  • Currently in Edinburgh, Scotland

Week One

Settling in, Ceilidgh, Kilts, Haggis

Holy Crap 11 Hours of Flying is a TON

Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland  |  Jun 01, 2014
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 They really don't wear anything underneath! 

Settling in and everything was a really easy experience. My room was ready for move in and accomadations are great.

We got to see Edinburgh and Uphall in the first week and spent a night out with some Scottish students to Volunteer Arms - a pub in Uphall

Wednesday night was a Ceilidgh. A tradional Scottish celebration at which girls wear dresses or skirts and the boys wear their kilts and all that git up. The kilts are to die for and what they say is true. They really don't wear anything underneath!

The Scottish students are super welcoming and so much fun to be around.

Edinburgh is beautiful and so historic. It's this crazy mix of Victorian and Georgian architexture right next some super modern buildings. The city is confused but the culture is amazing and I can't wait for the rest of this adventure!

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  • Holy Crap 11 Hours of Flying is a TON

    June 01, 2014
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